We all grew up in Longview, Texas.  Longview was a bit smaller back then.  There were 7 girls and 1 boy in the family.  I remember starting off life as one of Eleanor and R. T.’s daughters.  Most people couldn’t remember all of our names so we became the sister of which ever name they could remember at the time.  I was Lesa’s sister, Joe’s sister, Maria’s sister, Marian’s sister, Bebe’s sister, Georgianna’s sister, and Dede’s sister.  Occasionally, I was just Tesa.


We grew up and married but we still have retained the Campbell name in many ways.  We all have a creative side and we get that from our parents.  We also are still called “those Campbell girls” by many that we grew up with or have known us for years.


For longer than I can remember we have been repurposing things or creating things.  Much was done out of need or sometimes just boredom.  We kept our creative juices flowing attending crafts sales and selling or donating our wares any place we could. One of us would start a project and another would pick up on it, change it, and finish it.


Now it’s time to share our work and finds.  Today we will start a new part of our lives…

It’s a collection of loved and found things we have created or worked on.  It also may just be some things our husbands want moved out of their shop!!

It’s not all about selling though.  It’s also about sharing the ideas that we usually share with each other.  If you see something you want to recreate, let us know, we’d be glad to share what we have done.


Want delivery?? We have distribution in Longview, Austin, and the DFW areas. Pretty much anywhere we have family!!



Those Campbell Girls; if you are lucky you might know one. 

We are selling everything from Houses to Hair Bows.

Our Story