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Those Campbell Girls.

From left to right and numbered in birth order:

Maria Mills (#4), Tesa Wilson (#3), Dede Howell (#8), Bebe Church (#6), 

Katie Bridges (daughter to #5),

 Lesa Maatouk (#1), and Marian Freeman (#5)

There are 8 children in our family. If you look at the numbers, you will see #2, our brother Joe Campbell is missing. He is the odd guy in this crazy mix of women and he LOVES it. 

(So much, that he lives out of state)

#7 is Georgianna Sanders, she passed away in 2015 is is dearly missed by us all. She is actually the one that came up with the name of this page.

FYI: We were not actually in court for any family problems in this picture, 

(although a few of us have been to a courtroom before, mainly for divorces).

All of us, including our sister in law, Sharon Campbell,

are volunteers for CASA. (Court Appointed Special Advocates). 

We are each different in our own ways, 

but we all believe in the importance

of speaking up for a child's best interest!

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